MeroGurukul Learning App


EVS Class 2
Multimedia Educational Learning APP
Nrs.  699.00/ 1 Year

Products Description

Details :

This product is based on e-learning concept of MeroGurukul with colorful, bright and attractive animations, along with simple and clear audio, making learning interactive, interesting, fun, easy and child friendly . The App covers the CDC curriculum.

The Learning App makes learning exciting and fun :

  1. Allowing children to explore their creativity with audio-visual activities pertaining to every lesson.
  2. Nurture children`s brain with picture gallery, glossary or jargons used anywhere in the course which is difficult to understand.
  3. emphasizing the concepts of learning scientifically, reasoning with fun using animations.
  4. Providing facts of the world, related to the subject for general awareness.
  5. Games and puzzles.

List Of Chapters Covered
1. Living and Non-Living Things
a Living things that need Food, Breathe, Grow, Reproduce and Move
b Non living things that do not need food, breathe, grow, reproduce and move
2. Animal's Life
a Recognise habitats of animals and classify them on the basis of their habitats
b Recognise domestics and wild animals
c Classify animals as herbivores, carnivores and omnovores
d Identify the movement of the animals found around us
3. Plants around us
a Know different types of plants around their surrounding
b Classify plants found around them as herms, shrubs and trees
c Identify and distinguish plants as herbs, shrubs and trees
d Recognise the parts of a plant and tell their functions
e Identify plants as source of food
4. Our Surrounding
a Know the method of keeping the house and surrounding clean
b Recognise the fouled and clean enviroment
c Identify the ways by which their surrounding is fouled
d Tell the control measure of keeping their environmenet clean
5. Materials around us
a Classify materials found in their surrounding on the basis of their shapes, colours, odours,, tastes etc.
b Identify and distinguish solids of spherical , circular, recatngular, and irregular shapes
c Use your sense by touching and feeling to classify materials as hard or soft
d Know that sense like seeing, touching, smelling, feeling, are used to detect the properties of materials
e Know that only edible things should be tatsted
6. Energy for Us
a Identify the main sources of heat and light
b List the importance of heat in daily life
c Prepare a list of various devices that give us light
d Draw the picture of different types of devices that gives light
e Know that the sun is the main source of light and heat
f Explain the importance of light in the growth of plants
7. Sun, Sunny days and Shadow
a Explain the importance of the sun
b Know how the sun is important for life activities
c Explain the effect of heat of the sun on hot and cold days
d Observe the method of forming a shadow
e Draw the shadow of a given object by looking at the position of the source of light
f Measure the length of the shadow at different parts of the day
g Observe and demonstrate the method of rainbow formation
8. Our Earth
a Know that the surface of the earth is not the same everywhere
b know that earth has spherical shape
c Conduct and expriment to show the occurrence of day and night
9. Personal Hygiene
a Know the correct methods of cleaning different parts of the body
b Develop an attitude of keeping oneself neat and clean
c Learn good habits of keep good health and the method of maintaining correct posture of your body
10. Environmental Cleanliness
a What makes the enviroment dirty?
b Keeping water clean and safe