MeroGurukul Learning App


EVS Class 4
Multimedia Educational Learning APP
Nrs.  749.00/ 1 Year

Products Description

Details :

This product is based on e-learning concept of MeroGurukul with colorful, bright and attractive animations, along with simple and clear audio, making learning interactive, interesting, fun, easy and child friendly . The App covers the CDC curriculum.

The Learning App makes learning exciting and fun :

  1. Allowing children to explore their creativity with audio-visual activities pertaining to every lesson.
  2. Nurture children`s brain with picture gallery, glossary or jargons used anywhere in the course which is difficult to understand.
  3. emphasizing the concepts of learning scientifically, reasoning with fun using animations.
  4. Providing facts of the world, related to the subject for general awareness.
  5. Games and puzzles.

List Of Chapters Covered
1. Living Things
a Vertebrates and non vertebrates
b Egg laying and mammals
c Land animals and their features
d Aquatic animals and their features
e Living process: General introduction, importance
f Stages of plant’s development: seed, small plant, bud/flower, fruit
g Plants found on land and their features
h Plants found in water and their features
2. Environment
a Interrelationships between animals and plants
b Introduction of natural disaster
c Effects of natural disaster
3. Matter and Energy
a Definition of matter on the basis of its basic feature (weight and volume)
b Three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas
c Introduction of energy
d Heat energy and its effects (increase in volume, rise and fall in temperature, change of state of matter)
e Use of effects of heat in our daily life
f Proper use of energy and methods of energy conservation
4. The Earth and Universe
a Weather and Season
b The Earth
c Hydrosphere
d Lithosphere
e Atmosphere
f General introduction of solar system
5. Enviroment
a The sense organs
b Systems of human body
c Personal cleanliness
d Teeth
e Healthy habits
f Keeping environment clean
g Our food
h Diseases
i Safety and first-aid
j Health services
k Harmful habits
l Housing