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Mathematics Class 5
Multimedia Educational Learning APP
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Products Description

Details :

This product is based on e-learning concept of MeroGurukul with colorful, bright and attractive animations, along with simple and clear audio, making learning interactive, interesting, fun, easy and child friendly . The App covers the CDC curriculum.

The Learning App makes learning exciting and fun :

  1. Allowing children to explore their creativity with audio-visual activities pertaining to every lesson.
  2. Nurture children`s brain with picture gallery, glossary or jargons used anywhere in the course which is difficult to understand.
  3. emphasizing the concepts of learning scientifically, reasoning with fun using animations.
  4. Providing facts of the world, related to the subject for general awareness.
  5. Games and puzzles.

List Of Chapters Covered
1. Geometry
a Angles of 00-1800 (in the internal of 15).
b Angles and arms of given triangles and quadrilaterals.
c Classification of triangles on the basis of angles and arms.
2. Concept of Numbers
a Count numbers more than crore in Hindu Arabic Numerals (number and number names) and place value of the digits in these numbers
b Numbers up to million
c Prime and composite numbers from 1 to 100
d Rounding off of the numbers as needed
e Square numbers from 1 to 10 and cubic numbers from 1 to 5 and their roots (square and cube)
f Prime factors up to three digit numbers
3. Basic Operations in Mathematics
a Subtraction
b Multiplication
c Division
d Other
4. Time, Currency, Mesaurement and Weight
a Time
b Currency
c Distance
d Perimeter
e Area
f Capacity
g Volume
h Weight
5. Fraction, Decimal, Percentage, Unitary Method and Simple Interest
a Fractions
b Decimal
c Percentage
d Unitary Method and Simple Interest
6. Bills and Budget
a Information from budget
a Information from bills
7. Statistics
a Conclusion from tabulated information
b Presentation of given simple information on graph
c Plot ordered pairs in graph (first quadrants only)
8. Sets
a Presentation of set notation of the given sets in sentences
9. Algebra
a Write simple verbal problems in algebraic equations (only two terms equations used in addition and subtraction)
b Equality axiom
c Solution of linear equation with one variable using equality axiom