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Class 10 SCIENCE

Science Class 10
Multimedia Educational Learning APP
Nrs.  849.00/ 1 Year

Products Description

Details :

This product is based on e-learning concept of MeroGurukul with colorful, bright and attractive animations, along with simple and clear audio, making learning interactive, interesting, fun, easy and child friendly . The App covers the CDC curriculum.

The Learning App makes learning exciting and fun :

  1. Allowing children to explore their creativity with audio-visual activities pertaining to every lesson.
  2. Nurture children`s brain with picture gallery, glossary or jargons used anywhere in the course which is difficult to understand.
  3. emphasizing the concepts of learning scientifically, reasoning with fun using animations.
  4. Providing facts of the world, related to the subject for general awareness.
  5. Games and puzzles.

Science CLASS X

Details :
As Science is a combination of Physics, Chemistry and Biology it requires a thorough understanding of basic fundamental s and concepts of the three above mentioned subjects in science. For attaining a strong foundation right from middle school helping to score higher in Board exams, the CDs contain detailed topic coverage by textual explanation, experiments and relevant diagrams with clear and simple audio. iDaa CD s have been developed by teachers who are expert in their subject with experience for several years . IDaa CDs are completely mapped to the class 6th CBSE Science curriculum with contents from NCERT text books.

The CD`S make learning simple, understandable and easy by:

  1. Emphasizing the basic concepts by experiments and relevant diagrams.
  2. Extensive practice questions chapter wise along with keys.
  3. Revision by going through the chapter synopsis.
  4. General awareness by giving facts related to the subject.

List of chapters covered in our Science CD:

  • Food:Where does it come From?
  • Components of Food.
  • Fiber to Fabric .
  • Sorting Materials into Groups.
  • Seperation of Substances.(Demo)
  • Change Around us.
  • Getting to know Plants.
  • B ody Movements.
  • The Living Organisms and their surroundings.
  • Motion and Measurment of Distances.
  • Light.
  • Shadow and Reflection,
  • Electricity and Circuits.(Demo)
  • Fun with Magnet
  • Water
  • Air Around us.
  • Garbage in